6 Ways To Bloom Into Your Full Potential In Business

6 Ways To Bloom Into Your Full Potential In Business

It can be difficult and scary to reach for new goals, but it’s time that you bloom into your full potential in business. I often wonder if flowers or plants ever ‘think’ before they bloom. If they ever hold back and retract back into the dirt at the fear of being ‘too much’ or at the fear of failing … probably not. So why should you?

This then makes humans likely to be the only species on Earth that are actually scared of growing and reaching our full potential. Pretty crazy when you think about it. It’s crazy that we willingly choose to spend so much time laying in the dirt, debating the merits of blooming when we could be breaking through the soil and soaring up towards the sky, living a life beyond our wildest of dreams.

There are some things you must ask yourself before you can bloom into your full potential in business

Where are you choosing to stay in the dirt?

Where are you holding yourself captive?

How often do you silence the truth of what it is that you ACTUALLY want? 

What hours have you wasted in a job that doesn’t fulfill you because you thought that was the best option for you to survive in the world? 

How much time have you spent studying something that doesn’t interest you purely because you were told that you were good at it in high school so you thought it was the only way? 

How long are you going to convince yourself that your career is ‘just fine’ when really, you’re just too scared to admit that you’re not happy in it because you’re afraid and don’t know where to go next?

Often we choose to stay in the dirt because we think that is the best way for us to survive. We think that staying in the dirt is the most practical way we are going to be able to pay our bills and meet our needs in the world. We’re so convinced that our passion ‘isn’t enough’ to fully sustain us that we end up defending our choice to stay small, arguing that we are just being ‘responsible’ or ‘a realist’ when really, we’re just scared of failure. 

As a business coach, I believe that your career should be a vehicle for your own self-expression. It should completely fulfill you in every way possible – that is your BIRTHRIGHT. And so here are 6 ways to help you get out of the dirt, create the business of your dreams and bloom into your full potential in business.  

1 – Do a self-audit

This is where you need to completely reassess everything in your life and whether or not it is truly fulfilling you. Does your job make you happy? Are you in a thriving relationship? Do you love where you live? Do you feel strong and energized in your physical body? Does your lifestyle bring you joy? Do you feel health and vitality? Are you making time and space for all the things that you love to do? Are you hiding from your truth? What could be different? 

Write down all the things that are working and the things that are not. Remember that this is a complete reassessment of your life so make sure you’re completely honest. No excuses or ‘realistic’ attitudes, your wants and desires are always valid. It doesn’t matter how crazy or out of reach they sound! 

2 – Follow the voice in the back of your head calling out for freedom

Pay attention to what feels good for you. Bring your awareness to all the moments throughout the day that bring you joy. What were you doing in those moments? How did you feel? I love getting my clients to keep a ‘joy journal’, something they write in every day and share all the moments that brought them joy. They can be as simple and meaningless as you like.

Over the period of a few months, compare each daily journal entry and see if you can find any consistencies or common themes. This allows you to discover where you feel most free. This is what you need to be doing more of, every day, and essentially getting paid a lot of money for it. 

3 – Set goals in alignment with your dreams and passions

Reaching your potential every day is about setting goals that are in alignment with what matters to you. Focus on what makes you feel free, what brings you the most happiness, what’s in total alignment with your passions, and what you want to achieve long term. Remember that only you set these goals.

Don’t let anybody else tell you what your goals should be or whether or not they are ‘realistic’. In fact, set goals so big and outlandish that they actually feel a little out of reach. This will do wonders for helping you grow and bloom into your full potential in business.

4 – Take action today towards your goals

This is the scary part for a lot of people. The dreaded execution! I know it feels terrifying but remember that anyone who has ever accomplished anything great did so because of the actions they were dedicated to. You can dream, think and manifest everything you want to create but without action, nothing will change. 

You can always start small. What are 3 actions you could commit to today that would help you grow into your potential? If part of growing into your potential involves making time for self-care, your action might be something as simple as having a bath twice a week. If part of growing into your potential involves starting that business you’ve always dreamed of, the action part might be dedicating a couple of hours to research it. 

5 – Stay persistent in your pursuit of blooming into your full potential in business

The ability to continue firmly in your purpose in spite of challenging conditions and persist on your path regardless of setbacks (and believe me, there will be setbacks) – IS a trait common to all those that make it.

Think about wildflowers and their ability to grow despite the conditions they’re given. Have you ever seen the way that flowers are able to bloom even through concrete plates on the sidewalk? You can’t always change the conditions, you just need to accept them and keep going. 

6 – Embrace failure. As an entrepreneur, it’s inevitable!

Remember that failure is not the opposite of success, because failure is part of success. We all experience ‘failure’ on our journeys — including major setbacks and moments where we feel so deep out of our comfort zone that we want to run away and retract back into the dirt.

Remember the ways in which flowers bloom. Occasionally, there is a drought and the bloom can’t be sustained, so the flower ‘dies’. But even in this death, new seeds will germinate and grow into new flowers and fresh beginnings. The lesson is, you can never truly fail. The only way to fail is to give up. SO just keep going!

If you are ready to bloom into your full potential in your business, then I invite you to schedule your free Business Freedom Call now. I love helping women step into their power and shed their limiting beliefs. I believe in you and your message. It’s time you start believing it too.

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