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Monopoly Go, a classic board game reinvented in the digital world, has captured countless online entertainment enthusiasts. The excitement of acquiring properties, trading, and competing with friends is an experience many crave. Now, imagine starting your adventure in Monopoly Go with an impressive bonus of 100 free dice. Is it possible? Yes! Here, we’ll tell you how to make the most of this amazing offer and ensure the fun never stops.


Monopoly Go, a timeless board game, has found a new home in the digital realm, captivating fans of all ages. The thrill of acquiring properties, trading, and competing with friends is an experience many seek. Now, envision beginning your journey in Monopoly Go with an astounding bonus of 100 free dice. Is it possible? Absolutely! Here, we’ll guide you on how to capitalize on this incredible offer and make sure the excitement never wanes.

Unboxing the Exclusive Gift: 100 Free Dice for New Users on Monopoly Go

Currently, Monopoly Go has unveiled an exciting promotion: 100 free dice for every new user who joins the game through their Facebook account. This special bonus is designed to provide newcomers with an initial boost, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the Monopoly Go experience. But how can you ensure you receive this generous offer and make the most of it?

How to Benefit from the 100 Free Dice on Monopoly Go

Here’s the key strategy to maximize this exclusive offer:

  1. Create a New Facebook Account: To begin, you’ll need to create a new Facebook account. This will be your first step in securing the 100 free dice in Monopoly Go.
  2. Wait for at Least an Hour: Once you’ve created the new Facebook account, it’s important to wait for at least an hour before proceeding. This time period is essential to ensure everything is correctly registered and synchronized.
  3. Add Friends to Your New Account: From your main Facebook account, add the new account you created as a friend. This is a crucial step for it to work. Only the first 50 friends on the new account will receive the 100 free dice.
  4. Log into Monopoly Go from the New Account: After waiting the required hour and having added 50 friends, log into Monopoly Go from the new account you’ve been working on.
  5. Every Friend Added on the New Account Will Receive 100 Free Dice: Once inside Monopoly Go, get ready for a pleasant surprise. The game will reward each of the 50 added friends with a total of 100 free dice. Just imagine the amount of fun this can add to your gaming experience!

How to Optimize This Benefit to the Fullest on Monopoly Go?

There are several communities hosted on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Below are the links to share the profile of the new Facebook users, reaching 50 new friends for that account more quickly.

One important aspect to highlight is that within the community, as you share your link, others also share theirs so that both parties benefit.

  • [Facebook Group Link]

  • [WhatsApp Group Link]

  • [Telegram Group Link]

Tips to Maximize Your Dice in Monopoly Go

It’s essential to remember that, throughout the game’s lifespan, you can only obtain a maximum of 10,000 free dice using this method. Therefore, it’s crucial to manage them efficiently and use them strategically. Dice are your ticket to progress and acquire properties, so use them wisely to ensure your success in Monopoly Go.

In summary, this is a unique opportunity to power up your game in Monopoly Go and enjoy competition in an exciting manner. What are you waiting for? Create your new Facebook account, get those dice, and take your Monopoly Go experience to another level!

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