Bringing The Elements Of The Earth Into Your Business

Bringing The Elements Of The Earth Into Your Business

I am a big believer in incorporating the elements into our lives and our businesses. Earth, air, water, and fire – the four elements which are present all around and within us.

These elements are essential to all life and without them, we wouldn’t be here! Understanding what each one represents helps us identify how we could strengthen both our lives and businesses.

I believe that connecting to the powers of the four elements is a foundational practice for all entrepreneurs. Elements carry their own set of unique qualities that can be applied to your business, which can help you achieve balance, growth, and success.

No element is inherently good or bad, but each represents unique lessons and attributes which can be used for fertile growth.

Read below to find out which element(s) you may be lacking in your business.


Earth gives us our birth. While we live, she sustains us. The earth element is said to represent strength, stability, logic, nourishment, protection, wholeness, stillness, interdependence, and prosperity.  It is the natural organic demand for your product or service.

Working with the element of earth in your business brings a sense of balance, grounded perspective, and logic. It encourages you to stay grounded in your offerings and decisions and can promote hard work, which pays off.

It’s good to work with the element of earth whenever you are feeling a sense of chaos, irrationality, or confusion in your business. And let’s be honest, that can be pretty often. The earth element will always be able to ground you back into your being.

Incorporating the element of earth

To incorporate the element of earth into your business: spend time in nature. Tend to your garden or take your shoes off and connect with the earth beneath your feet.

Adding earth elements to your home and workspace can correct the imbalance in earth energy. This could mean adding plants or a Himalayan salt lamp to your space.

You may also want to add elements of nature to your altar such as jasper, agate, amber, wood, malachite, soil, plants, and flowers. I also recommend eating lots of root vegetables. Or if things really hit the fan and your business seriously needs grounding, practice a root chakra meditation.

Be aware that as with most things, too much of one element is not good. Too much earth in your business can lead to stubbornness and resistance to change. Have awareness of this and balance it out with other elements such as water when necessary.


Air is the element of imagination, expansion, exchange, and ideas. It represents life, purity, and harmony and is often associated with creativity, knowledge, learning, thinking, and communication. Just like most things, if the air is blocked and cannot move it becomes stagnant. The same is true for the air energy in your business.

Working with the element of air in your business helps you stay expansive and imaginative. Air knows no limits so it is great to incorporate more air into your business when you are feeling creatively blocked and want to expand your ideas.

Incorporating the element of air

Spend time outdoors and let the wind play with your air or open up a window and allow fresh air to blow through your workspace. Put wind chimes up to remind you of the air around you or work alongside a diffuser.

You can also use sage and a feather to smudge your space and clear the energy. Alternatively, you can use smoke from resin, herbs or incense. If you want to add elements of air to your altar, you can add Clear Quartz, Citrine and Smoky Quartz.

It’s important to note that the element of air is often blocked when our space is cluttered so de-cluttering is always a good idea when you want to encourage more airflow in your workspace.

Don’t arbitrarily add elements of air in an attempt to activate air energy unless you’re certain this is the problem area of imbalance in your business. Too much air can make you flaky, indecisive, overwhelmed, and un-grounded. Too much air can be balanced out with the element of earth.


The water element represents flow, regeneration and purification. It often appears gentle but contains immense potential power. It is a powerful, mercurial force that is cleansing, calming, and healing and can bring emotion, intuition, and movement into your business.

Water reminds us to surrender and be gentle. Anyone who spends enough time in water knows how rapidly it can change. Rips appear out of nowhere sucking us out into deep, empty vastness and the tides can pull us in different directions, causing turbulence, waves, and chaos. Working with water in business helps us go with the flow and allow the tide to take us to new places.

Water is also deeply cleansing and healing. Spending time in saltwater or washing your crystals in saltwater is a really good reset – cleansing you of any stagnant energy, stress, or frustration.

Water is a great element to work within your business if things are feeling really stagnant. Water keeps things moving and flowing from a place of ease.

Incorporating the element of water

To incorporate elements of water into your business, go for as many swims as possible! The ocean, the river, the lakes . . . they each hold healing medicine and often give us the reset we need. Taking pampering soaks in the bath and walking in the rain are my personal favorites. I always feel so rejuvenated afterward!

Also ensure you are drinking lots of water throughout the day. It seems obvious but you would be surprised at how many entrepreneurs forget to stay hydrated.

Water also represents prosperity and the flow of money. You may even want to add a small water feature or fountain into your workspace. Ensure the water is flowing towards your workspace as if it is facing away it can cause money and good fortune to flow away from you.

Again a warning that too much water is not a good thing. Too much water can bring up lots of emotions or it can create too much movement at once resulting in turbulence.

To add the element of water to your altar, you can use moonstone, shells, coral, or a cauldron/chalice with water inside.


The energy of fire is strong, primal, passionate, courageous, and often destructive (which is not necessarily a bad thing). Fire is one of my favorite elements as I believe that as an entrepreneur without fire, you will not survive.

Fire is what gives us our passion, our willpower, our bravery to take the jump! It also helps us set boundaries and destroy any limiting beliefs that are holding us back. Fire is often the spark that ignites, engages and turns visits into sales. It’s what keeps us going when the goings get tough, what propels us forward, our creative hunger and thirst for more.

If you are feeling lost in your business or you are lacking motivation, connect to that flame burning deep inside your womb, the flame that propelled you to start your business in the first place. The flame that is charging you energetically and guiding you forward every step of the way with passion and purpose.

Incorporating the element of fire

If you are having trouble finding that flame, then it might be time to incorporate the element of fire into your business. Exercise, light candles, or plan an adventurous activity! Sit by a fireplace and focus on the flames. Display trophies, awards, and other forms of achievement and recognition in your space. Listen to inspiring podcasts, connect to your desire, lust, and self-pleasure. Eat spicy foods or practice a solar plexus meditation.

To add fire to your altar, add as many candles as possible! Red and orange colored candles are a bonus. Similarly, you can add fire opal and carnelian to your space.

You can also work with the element of fire to help you destroy all that no longer serves you. Any limiting beliefs, stagnancy, voices in your head that tell you you’re not good enough, fire can help you completely destroy them. I often get my clients to write down all their limiting beliefs on paper and burn them by throwing them into a fire.

It’s important not to overdo fire in your business. It could bring out anger, frustration, destruction, jealousy, and rage. If you are feeling a lot of fire, you can balance it out with the element of water!


Success within your business requires a delicate balance, a symbiotic relationship where each element supports the other. Keep each element in balance and reap the benefits but take one away and prepare for a bumpy ride.

If you’d like some help with learning how to live in harmony with the elements, your cycles, and your business, let’s talk. I live my whole life in alignment with the elements and my cycle and I can show you how to do the same.

Schedule your free Business Freedom Call now and start creating a life in harmonious flow with the Universe.

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