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Our systems generate sales and deliver an
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Better ROI

Likes and comments don’t pay the bills. Let’s boost your bottom line.

More Leads

There is no better way to build your list than effective advertising.

More Sales

At the end of the day you want results. That is what we do best.


Learn The Exact Step-By-Step Process You Need To Finally “Move The Needle” With Paid Aids. More Sales, More Leads.



Our team of experts have won 3 international awards for Facebook ad campaigns for consistently producing 24x ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) on a $4k per day ad account.

We are all about experimenting, testing , trying new angles and are obsessed with chasing the cheapest, decent conversions possible.

Our team provides copywriting, media buying expertise and graphic design to help businesses improve their offer or product and ensure there is maximum congruency between ads, offers and webpages.


“I’m a Facebook Certified Marketer, and the Zimpasha team totally changed my business. Working with only 1 product, they produced an extra $60k in my business in the first 3 months.”

“Zimpasha has completely transformed our ad account and the way we approach our marketing. The results have come really quickly and have been so much better than we thought possible.”

“Even if you are great at doing ads yourself, it is always nice to have someone to bounce ideas off, take some of the workload off your plate and write high converting copy. The team at Zimpasha are in the trenches of FB ads every day. Do what is best for your business and work with the team at Zimpasha.”

“The team at Zimpasha are literally the Master Marketing Mentors. The ad that was written for me in 15 minutes (it takes me at least a day to write a great ad) within a day, outperformed the one ad that I had created myself that was getting great results. They write ads that convert so to have them whip things up in minutes that get amazing results is priceless. Easy, fast, effective and wonderful people.”

“The team at Zimpasha takes a look at the whole system of your business, looks to help you improve them and then create ads that result in amazing ROI.”

“My business has grown and my brand awareness has grown. The sales of my retreats have skyrocketed.”

“The team at Zimpasha takes a look“The team at Zimpasha are incredibly knowledgeable and have set me up with a really successful lead gen campaign. They are a pleasure to work with and will work alongside you to understand what you are trying to achieve and set up FB ads to help you achieve that.” at the whole system of your business, looks to help you improve them and then create ads that result in amazing ROI.”

“I wanted to start doing more on Facebook outside of my organic audience. I hadn’t built an audience and I had no idea what I was doing. The team at Zimpasha delivered! They helped me build my audience, provided the knowledge and experience that I didn’t have and when we got it right, my business skyrocketed. I am getting at least 30 qualified leads a day and a 10% conversion rate. I attribute so much of that to the team at Zimpasha who not only create amazing ads but who helped me really nail my message.”

“We see amazing results with our marketing when working with Zimpasha. We went from zero sales to 10 sales in a week.”

“I have so many leads I can’t keep up!”



Let Us Help Show You How Our Unique Process Can Be The Game-Changer You’ve Been Looking For.

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