How To Plan For Your Best Year Ever In Business, Part 2

How To Plan For Your Best Year Ever In Business, Part 2

Last week, we talked about the value in reviewing the past year before moving on to planning for the future. I’m hoping you were able to celebrate all you’ve accomplished this year. Together, we’re going to look at the big picture in business and create a vision that will inspire you throughout the year to come.

While a lot of business owners set goals for the new year, I want to help you go a bit deeper. After all, you’re not just in business for the money, you’re here to make a difference and to create a life you love. (Check out this article on the importance of going deeper than just “setting goals”!)

With this, you need a vision that’s going to keep you going through those challenging times, and one that will support and align with what matters most to you.

Ready to get started? Here are a few tips to help you create a vision that inspires you:

1 – Allow yourself to dream big.

The first key is to remember that you’re crafting a vision, something to aspire to. It’s okay if it doesn’t all happen as you envision, because this is your time to be creative and to dream.

You want to create a vision that inspires you, something to work towards and that will keep you going when you feel frustrated or begin slipping into self-doubt.

Imagine yourself one year from now. In an ideal world, what would your business be like? What would an ideal day look like? How would you spend your time? What would you have experienced or accomplished in the past year? This is how you can look at the big picture in business.

Alternatively, you can imagine your future self. one year from now. Write a letter to your current self from your future self. What would she have to tell you, or advice might she offer, or would she want you to remember or focus on? Allow yourself to have fun with this as your imagination takes off with creative possibilities.

Give yourself time and space to dream and write it all down. Writing your vision is powerful because you can come back to it again and again, reconnecting with the future you’re creating.

2 – Don’t worry (yet) about how to make it happen.

This part is crucial – as you craft your vision, don’t worry about how to make any part of it happening. There will be a time for that, but we’re not there yet. Right now, you just want to look at the big picture in your business.

Trying to figure out how to make your vision happen as you’re creating your vision means disrupting your creative process. If you’re always questioning if something is possible or how you might make it work, then you’re going to end up holding back.

Our goal here is to create a vision that is big and bold. Truthfully, it might not be possible or at least not possible within the next year. However, if you create a vision that excites you, it’s likely that you’ll achieve so much more than if you simply set goals you know you can easily achieve.

If you want to enjoy your best year ever in business, you need a vision that takes you to new levels. For now, allow yourself to write down all of your dreams and ideas without holding back.

3 – Look at your life, don’t just look at the big picture in your business.

As you clarify your vision, make sure to include your life beyond your business.

What do you want your days to look like? What do you want to enjoy or experience in your life as a whole, and how can you make that happen?

Perhaps there are some relationships or family dreams you have for 2020, include those in your ideal vision.

Perhaps you want to travel or move to a new home, include these plans in your vision for 2020.

Give yourself time to daydream about what you want your life to look like throughout the coming year. Remember, you want to write down every idea that excites you!

Again, we’re not worrying about if things are possible right now or how it would all come together. Right now, we’re simply gathering ideas and creating a vision that inspires you.

4 – Focus on the highest good for all.

As many of the business owners I work with are heart-centered entrepreneurs, I know that sometimes there can be an internal struggle with claiming what we want. After all, my clients are so focused on serving others that their natural tendency is to put others first. If this sounds like you, then you aren’t alone.

But there is a way out! This step will help bring your full vision together. Remember to tie your vision to serving the highest good of all.

Look at your ideas and connect them to how they will allow you to serve more people, make a bigger difference, or do more good in the world.

Take note of the difference your vision will make in the lives of others, whether that’s the clients you serve or the people you bring on to your team.

And if you haven’t done it yet, add on to your vision about the impact you want to make. How do you want to serve? What difference do you want to make through and beyond your business? Then, start to think about how you can make this happen.

Remember to include the work you do, as well as the difference you can make by creating more of what you want in life. This could include donating to causes you care about, or being able to volunteer with a local organization because of the freedom of your schedule.

As you work through each step, remember that your goal is to have a vision that excites and inspires you. Ideally, this vision will help you prioritize what matters most and keep you moving forward no matter what challenges arise.

And if you’re ready for some help with creating your vision for 2020, let’s talk.

I love helping business owners like you clarify their big, bold dreams. Together, we can then figure out how we can make those dreams a reality. Schedule your free Business Lifeline Call now to see how I can help you create your dream business!

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