Team Member Introduction – Jillian Bautista

Team Member Introduction – Jillian Bautista

Behind every great woman is a support network. To carry out the fantastic work done here at Tarryn Reeves, I have a team of experts who help me.

A client once asked me what my zone of genius was and my response to her was that I have structured my business in such a way that I am always operating in my zone. My zone of genius is organizing, creating systems, writing and managing. I have hired on various people to my team to operate in their zone of genius, I oversee all work and the result is a seamless flow of high quality work for your online business.

Let me introduce you to a member of the Tarryn Reeves team.

Jillian Bautista

Jillian is my go-to graphics lady! She is a talented Virtual Assistant specializing in graphic design, social media and content management.

Jillian lives in Malolos in the Phillippines with her 2-year old son.

When she isn’t working, Jillian likes to spend time with her son. She is also a self-confessed makeup junkie! She says, “It’s weird but when I’m stressed out, I usually play around with makeup.”

Graphic design has always been her favourite job. She is a self-taught Photoshop user and learned the skills back in High School.

Jillian enjoys working at Tarryn Reeves and likes that clear instructions are provided and that I am always available when she has questions to ask.

Jillian is a valued member of the team and I look forward to working with her for years to come!

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