Why Us?

You are not a number to us. We care about your results.

Do it once and do it right is our main motto. 

Each person in our team has been carefully interviewed, selected and trained by Tarryn herself. Gold standard service delivery combined with a passion for what we do and the sole aim of making your life easier is what we stand for.

At Zimpasha you won’t get a general VA experience. You get access to experts in every niche at your fingertips and the best part is that you don’t have to manage multiple people. We do that for you.

When you sign with us you get your own personal Happiness Coordinator who will stand by your side, listen to your needs, make suggestions and then delegate out to the team to get sh*t done. You get to sit back, focus on making more money and have your tasks delivered back to you in excellence – a bit like magic really!

If you are ready to save time, money, worry and headaches then check out our packages below!

Our Virtual Assistance services are for you if you:

Outcomes from working with us:

You will :

If this resonates with you and you are ready to get expert virtual assistance services at affordable prices, then purchase your package below!

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Facebook Ads

are not included in the VA hourly packages, but are available on a separate package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ActiveCampaignEmail Sequences/CampaignsLoom Social Media Graphics
AdobeFacebook AdsMailerliteSquarespace
Amazon Store MaintenanceFacebook ManagementMarketing StrategyStripe
Amazon Store SetUpFacebook StrategiesMembervaultSystems Set-Up
AutomationFunnelsMicrosoft SuiteTeachable
BitlyGoogle SuiteNinja OutreachThinkific
Business ToolsHootsuiteOpt-InsTrello
CanvaInfluencer OutreachPayPalWebinar
ClickFunnelsInfusionsoft/KeapPinterest ManagementWebsite Development
Constant ContactInstagramPinterest TechWix
Content CreationInstapagesPodcast ManagementWordPress
ConvertkitInsta StoriesProduct LaunchesXero
Course CreationInvoicingProductivityYouCanBookMe
E-Book Design and CreationKajabiSendOwlZapier
Email ManagementLeadpagesShopify 
Email MarketingLinkedInSlack 


Accounts:Online courses:Website:Social Media:
Invoice/payment setupSetupBlogWelcome members
Invoicing/paymentsUpdatesGraphicsAnswer inquiries
Client queriesWebinarsLanding/sales pagesMembership requests
 Setup & designOpt-in setupEngaging content
Administration:Registration with your CRMUpdateGroup/page admin
Booking system
Setup meeting linksClient ManagementGraphics creation
Lead capture formsAutomated emailsCreate content bank 
Appointments setupEmail sequencesOrganize content bankVideo&Audio:
IntegrationsSupportContent linkingAdding subtitles
Stripe & PaypalWebsite Re-brandingContent re-purposingCreating transcripts
Calendar integrationImages & linksBlog contentVideo & audio edits
Inbox filter setupGraphicsSocial media graphics 
Inbox cleanupBlogsNewsletters 
 Landing pagesGraphics 
Proofreading/editing: Retreats & events 
Social mediaEmail marketing:Venue/equipment research 
Blogs & email copyContent & imagesClient on-boarding 
Opt-in ebook/guideBranding & linksWorksheets/presentations 
Service delivery copyTimeline/road map  

You can either choose to top up with extra hours at AUD$72/hr (excl. GST) or you can choose to put your work on hold until you purchase your next package.

Yes. Your hours package will expire as follows: 6 weeks from purchase date for 10 hours, 7 weeks from purchase date for 15 hours, 8 weeks from purchase date for 20 hours. It is your responsibility to allocate tasks in time to use up your hours as they do not roll over past the expiry date unless under special circumstances as agreed on by both parties.

Once you purchase your chosen package we will be in contact with you to begin our journey together. We use a project management system called Trello and all communication and task allocation will be through that platform or via email.

Meet our raving fans

What Our Clients Say:

Client Photo
Amanda Turner Amanda Turner Yoga

Tarryn is my business coach with wings! The UK has been hit pretty hard with covid-19, over recent months I have had to change my business dramatically. As a complete technophobic, Tarryn is giving me tools to help make the essential changes my business requires happen. Working alone & in isolation has been lonely, to have Tarryn's professional, calm guidance and support has given me belief that my business will not only survive but thrive again. For the first time I feel excited rather than fearful: that is thanks to Tarryn.

Client Photo
Joanna Anderson B Anderson Roofing

Thanks to you both Tarryn and Tina for your persistence in making my impossible marketing automation project a working reality. I approached several "tech experts" before you and they all gave up, but you and Tina had the experience and expertise to see what the others couldn't. I can't thank you enough and I couldn't be happier.

Client Photo
Ben Vowles Founder, Get Found Designs

When I first fondled the idea of working with a VA, my initial reaction was - 'no, I don't need to spend the money, I can do it myself'. But after looking around at my work-life balance I could see that for the business to grow I would need some help. Enter Tarryn. Tarryn is amazing and has really grabbed the business by the reigns, and helped steer it (and me) in the right direction. From setting up processes and creating social media content to booking client meetings, Tarryn has helped streamline my business. Which, in turn, is helping create a better customer experience and a higher valued product. I would recommend Tarryn to any business owner that needs to gain control of their work-life balance, get business freedom mentoring, enhance their customer journey, and restore joy in running their business again.

Client Photo
Shennae Lucas Owner, shennaelucas.com

I was super happy and still am with Zimpasha's services. I hired Tarryn because she was so vibrant, honest, and intelligent. As soon as I assigned her first task,, she totally nailed it. She has taught me more things than I could have asked for, and helped me to achieve my goals seamlessly. Even when she is not on the job she still sees things that could be tweaked and always helps.

Client Photo
Susan Ortolano Owner, shennaelucas.comPsychic & Spiritual Life Coach

I so appreciate Tarryn, as well as her great ideas, creativity, and efficiency. She gets the tasks that I need done in time and on time. She has a deep understanding of who I am and what I need. She is fun to work with and goes out of her way to make sure her clients are happy, and that the tasks we have that we don't want to do or can't do, are done and done in excellence. She takes the time to get to know her clients so that she knows exactly how to help. Tarryn is also highly intuitive which allows her to tune into her clients at a deeper level and really help them create more freedom in their business. I feel grateful to have been referred to her. She makes it easier for me to do the part I love — which is teaching and coaching my clients!! So, thank you Tarryn!!!

Client Photo
Chara Caruthers BlissBody & Soul

“Tarryn is a force! Organized, engaged and so very proactive! She's always thinking steps ahead and is brilliant at managing and executing our plans. From the moment we started working together I felt cared for and supported. A joy to work with! ”

Client Photo
Krystal Alexander-Hille Goddess Reawakening

“Tarryn is highly organised and fast at what she does. I definitely recommend working with her as a Business Freedom Mentor.”

Client Photo
Adam Medaglia ASM Real Estate

“I was very happy with the work Tarryn did for me. Great service and knowledge and will definitely use her again. Thanks Tarryn!”

Client Photo
Jacquelyn Atkins Business Alchemist

“I have been working with Tarryn for a few months and am very happy with her efficient and impeccable service. Her work is of a high standard and she is a great communicator which is compulsory for a VA biz. I highly recommend her business to any entrepreneur who wants to leave the back end details to the expert! She has helped me create so much freedom and time for myself in my business! Thanks Tarryn, it's such a pleasure working with you.”

Client Photo
Teleshia Delmar Lovers Bond

“Tarryn has been a tremendous help for me and my business. She is responsive and takes her tasks seriously and does a great job with each assignment. She has freed up my time and given me so much peace of mind. I am so glad to have been introduced to her.”

Client Photo
Maria Pellicano Harness Your Voice

Tarryn Reeves’ style is professional, patient and helpful. She is clear and concise and organised. She helped me understand processes that seemed very confusing to me like setting up email marketing campaigns and also fixing my WordPress website to make sure my visitors knew what they were signing up to. I recommend her services and trust her experience and opinion. When you work with Tarryn Reeves you feel she truly has your best interest in mind and she is mindful of helping you become clear with your goal and then comes right behind it and helps you by making it happen. Thanks Tarryn Reeves for your support and understanding. I have enjoyed working with her so have already recommended her to others and will continue to do so.

Client Photo
Sally Lakshmi Amma Thurley Spiritual Teacher

“Super smart, efficient, kind...the best investment ever. I love working with Tarryn and enjoy the sense of relief that she is so capable and always there.” When you work with Tarryn Reeves you feel she truly has your best interest in mind and she is mindful of helping you become clear with your goal and then comes right behind it and helps you by making it happen. Thanks Tarryn Reeves for your support and understanding. I have enjoyed working with her so have already recommended her to others and will continue to do so.

Client Photo
Agne Jonele Sasta Fitness

“I worked with Tarryn all the way from Ireland and it was amazing! She is brilliant at what she does and is very efficient! I couldn't believe how quickly she would complete any task given to her. Full of integrity - she gets things done exactly when and the way she promised. I found that it was super easy to communicate with Tarryn even with such a time zone difference, we never had any issues. It was a pleasure to be introduced to Tarryn and I will be repeating business with her without a doubt. Thank you, Tarryn.”When you work with Tarryn Reeves you feel she truly has your best interest in mind and she is mindful of helping you become clear with your goal and then comes right behind it and helps you by making it happen. Thanks Tarryn Reeves for your support and understanding. I have enjoyed working with her so have already recommended her to others and will continue to do so.

Client Photo
Sheree Chambers Brugel Creative

“Tarryn is very professional and has a lovely manner. I have been able to trust her to communicate with my clients directly, getting the answers we need for various projects. Her admin skills are second to none as well. I'm looking forward to continuing working with Tarryn well into the future. Highly recommended for both VA work and as a Business Freedom Mentor.” Thanks Tarryn Reeves for your support and understanding. I have enjoyed working with her so have already recommended her to others and will continue to do so.

Client Photo
Kimberley Hocart Simply Remedial

“Tarryn is very professional, efficient with her time and a pleasure to work with. I went from having a jumbled mess in my head and online to a fresh new site that's easy to manage. I'm really happy with the work Tarryn has done for us and I look forward to working with her again in the future!”

Client Photo
Toni Ata Simply Blessed

“I am so grateful I found Tarryn, she has made my life so much easier! Not only does she help me with my business but she’s taught me so much. I actually feel more technologically savvy than I was 4 months ago. I highly recommend her services.”

Client Photo
Drew Evans Caifu Property

“I have been dealing with Tarryn on a regular basis and am so grateful for the high level of service she provides for our business. Hiring Tarryn has allowed me to focus my energy on other areas of my business without getting bogged down in the everyday time consuming tasks. I know that when I set Tarryn a task it is with a trusted and knowledgeable source and that it will be completed in a time efficient manner and to the highest quality. She is a truly excellent Business Freedom Mentor. I highly recommend using her and her team for all tasks, big or small.”

Client Photo
Tina Fullerton Auto Tech Complete

“I was looking at setting up a website for our small business but for a while I put it in the too hard basket because I felt overwhelmed by all the information and costs involved. I then spoke to Tarryn who put my mind at ease and guided me through the process with little fuss and without the major expense. Voilá…our website was created. From start to finish Tarryn was efficient, well organised and very resourceful throughout our website creation. I couldn’t recommend Tarryn enough. She’s fantastic!”

Client Photo
Niki Skontos ECom Logistics

“I used Tarryn to update my website with WordPress. She was fast and efficient and anything I asked for she did. Thank you very much. I will need you again ”

Client Photo
Brooke Allen Rhodes Brooke Maree - Babywearing Education & Online Store

Tarryn is very helpful and knowledgable and works hard to bring your ideas to life. Thanks Tarryn for all your hard work and dedication x

Client Photo
Renee Sciulli Sweet Dreams Baby

When I enlisted in Tarryn’s services, I had one main objective and that was for her to perfect the automation of my online sleep solutions. I also had a few tasks in mind that I thought would be good for her to do for me as my tech skills are below average at best, and having heard how brilliant she was at what she did I thought if I want to grow my business this is the women to help me do it!

Client Photo
Shandra Moran The Transit Lounge

It has been really great to work with Tarryn and her team as she really understands business and knows how to get things done! She is very familiar with the various tools and software that I use as well as online launch processes, social media etc so it has been great to be able to confidently hand over admin tasks to someone else so I can concentrate on other things.

Client Photo
Anjani Amriit Soul Purpose Mentor

**Awesome Resource for small business owners** Before I started working with Tarryn my life was literally a mess. I was drowning in business admin, stressed, anxious and ready to quit!! I knew I needed help but I thought I couldn't afford it and it would take too long to hand over my work to a Business Freedom Mentor or a VA or anybody else! I felt that I needed to get better at being ready to be someone's boss before I took on any outside help. All that changed the second I spoke to Tarryn. A good friend of mine gave me Tarryn's details and I have never looked back since!! From the second I called Tarryn she literally took all the STRESS out of my business and my life. She is AMAZING, TALENTED, PRO-ACTIVE, GENIUS and incredibly affordable. My business grew exponentially since I took Tarryn on because she freed me up to create programs and focus on my client work. **I cannot recommend Tarryn HIGHLY ENOUGH** She will save you TIME, MONEY, WORRY and HEADACHES. She will bring you more joy, happiness in your work, make your business run seamlessly, bring you awesome tech support and make you look SUPER professional!!

Client Photo
Shoshana Sadia Feminine Flow

"I have loved working with Tarryn. One of my favourite things about her style was the way she would effortlessly take all your manic ideas and help format them into a succinct game plan. She also is very intuitive which blends nicely with the pragmatic ways in guiding you. This has been a wonderful experience. Thank you. Highly recommend her for any heart centred and spiritual business owner. x"

Client Photo
Louise Carron Harris Medicine Woman

"Working with Tarryn is wonderful. She has really helped me create the structures I needed to get my business into a flow with way more organisation and structure. I can lean on her and always know she will keep me gently moving forward. She runs a great team too so it’s effortless working and everything gets done."

Client Photo
Leanne Toohey Captured by Lea Studios

" Tarryn has been a godsend for my business as well as for me and my personal growth in so many ways. Coaching me through my serious technological overwhelm and putting together wonderful and unique business strategies to keep me on track & ahead of the game in the photography industry. Tarryn your beautiful, quirky, fun, soulful yet no BS personality makes working with you such a pleasure and together we get so much done. Thank you I cannot recommend you enough. I am so blessed that I stumbled across one of your posts."

Want to see examples of our work?

Meet The Team

Behind every great business is an outstanding support network.

These women are trained VA ninjas and will help you kick overwhelm to the curb and master your tech using their natural superpowers.


Tina is a “jack in a box” (doing almost anything virtually) virtual assistant specialising in multiple aspects of business support.

She lives in South Africa with her 2 sons and when she isn’t working, she likes to read or spend quality time with her family, doing fun things to remember.

Virtual business support has always been her dream career choice & she enjoys the industry and the fact that she learns something new every day.


Isobelle is a multi-talented online business manager and is our Happiness Coordinator. She makes all things possible.

She currently lives in the Philippines with her husband & their 3 daughters. When she’s not working, she assists her husband with his construction business.

She has been working remotely since 2013, providing assistance and system set ups. She takes pride in being able to assist clients in achieving business success.


Jillian is a talented virtual assistant specialising in graphic design, social media, graphic document creation and content management.

She lives in Malolos in the Philippines and when she is away from her desk, she likes to spend time with her son, play around with makeup, and travel.

Graphic design has always been her favorite job. She is a self-taught in Photoshop and learnt the skills back in High School.


Lexi is a skilled creative virtual assistant that can handle the tech behind businesses, from emails to landing page designs and so much more.

She lives in Koronadal City in the Philippines, where she spends time with her family. She’s an avid reader, cosplayer, and toy collector.

Lexi loves using her vast skills to give business owners more free time and reduce their stress so they can achieve more.

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