Your Back-End

Business Planner

Guarantee success for your business in 2021


You are growing your business! You have been at this a while now but the problem is that you have some organisational chaos happening in the back-end of your business which is keeping you from taking things up a notch. What do I mean by that?

Does this sound like you:

You are so busy serving clients that you have zero time to:

You are so busy, or maybe you fall under the category of the technologically allergic entrepreneur. You don’t know how and/or have no interest in learning the zillion different programs and moving parts that come with a growing business empire.

Here's the thing...

This is the MUST HAVE planner which will give you a clear checklist that you can use throughout the entire year to stay organised and take the back-end of your business from chaos and disorganised to calm and clear for only AUD$27

What some of my clients are saying:

“Zimpasha has helped streamline my business which in turn is helping create a better customer experience and a higher value product.”

~ Ben Vowles ~

“Zimpasha makes it easier for me to do the parts of my business that I love which is teaching and coaching my clients.”

~ Susan Ortolano ~

“Zimpasha helps me breathe a sigh of relief on a regular basis as I come up against the next technical piece of being an online entrepreneur.”

~ Melissa Turnock ~

This  is  the  Must   Have Planner

That will help you finally get organised and get your business under control!

Who is this for ?

This is for coaches, service providers, purpose driven women in online business, women who have had some success with OBMs or VAs in the past and want to take a more organisational and operational approach in business to maximise success.

If this is you then what are you waiting for?

Meet The Founder -
Tarryn Reeves

Tarryn Reeves is a mother, chai lover, yogi, up-and-coming author, and successful owner of four businesses. When her corporate position was made obsolete just a week before finding out she was pregnant, Tarryn took it upon herself to create the life she’d been dreaming of.

Her first business, which she established when her daughter was just six weeks old, has grown and evolved over the years to become her thriving virtual assistance agency, Zimpasha.

Since then, Tarryn has helped hundreds of high-powered, spiritual businesswomen bring their wild ideas to life. She believes in ditching the chaos and creating businesses that afford their owners the balance and ease they crave.